Curiously Cinnamon

The Boombox Breakfast

The Brief
Nestle had a problem with their Curiously Cinnamon brand. The number of fans was high but their market penetration was still relatively low, especially amongst 25-35 year olds. They saw them as a bit of a kids brand.
The Idea
Capitalising on how Cinnamon cravers will do just about anything to get a taste I created the campaign 'Boombox Breakfast'. A slightly daft game where 4 teams create as much noise as possible while connected via microphones to a huge speaker full of the cereal. The aim, simple, just eat as much Curiously Cinnamon from the speaker as you can while suspended from the ceiling. The game was hosted by the nations favourite footy pundit Chris Kamara and shot at a soundstage at Pinewood Studios.
The Results
The campaign achieved over 1.5 million views, 300,000 in the first week. The preroll ad saw over 700,000 views, with a clickthrough rate of 9.9%, 8 times above the industry average. Overall the campaign received over 10 million online impressions.

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