Thorpe Park

Derren Brown's Minds Wanted Campaign

The Brief
Thorpe Park wanted to create a campaign to increase anticipation and fuel speculation for their newest and biggest Derren Brown themed attraction while still keeping the ride itself a secret.
The Idea
Research had shown that Thorpe Park fans would go crazy for any news of a new ride, and would work hard to find them. As a result the campaign 'Mind's Wanted' was created, a teaser site packed with easter eggs, small leaks of info on the new ride. Through a series of social posts and teaser videos, clues were released on how to unlock the sites secrets, including a worlds first Easter eggs unlocked via touch gestures. My role was in the campaign ideation, and overall Art Direction.
The campaign won the BIMA Travel & Attractions Award in a celebration of 'Best in Digital'.
The Results
1.59M page views. 387,000 teaser video views (smashing the target of 100,000). 255,000 unique users. 158,000 codes used, with no media spend. And one very happy client.

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