Experimenters Wanted

The Brief
Bulmers wanted to launch their new experimental Cider 'No 17' with a campaign that engaged with a more experimental audience and create the ultimate Summer cider drinking experience.
The Idea
The 'Experimenters Wanted' campaign was created, made up of a series of social experiments aimed at giving the audience the social currency they so desired. My role was to create the online experiments, website, social content, digital outdoor and film content. This was key as social and the online hub were the central location for the campaign.
Some of the experiments I created included 'What makes people talk in a lift?', 'Who tweets the most, Birds or Humans? and 'Can we make the worlds longest Cider bench?' and many more.
The Results
Facebook fans grew from 5,000 to over 61,000 and Facebook chatter increased by 1000%. It was Heineken’s most successful new product launch ever in Western Europe selling over 3.75 million bottles of No. 17 in the first 3 months.
The campaign won the 'Best Integrated Award' at MAA that year.

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